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We are currently guaranteeing job placement for men and women in the following entry-level oilfield positions: Oil Refinery workers . General Labor . Drilling Rig . oil field labors . Electrician . and Drivers

Shortage of Entry-Level Workers
The United States is currently producing oil at its highest level in 20 years. According to the International Energy Agency, America is set to become oil & gas self-sufficient and will surpass Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world's top oil producer by 2020.
There are currently over 3,209 Drilling and Service Rigs working at any given time all across the United States, and there are over 35,012 Oil and Gas wells that require servicing by way of Hydraulic Fracturing, also known as "Fracing”.
This ongoing fracking boom is seeing a massive increase in oil production and has led to a severe shortage of Entry-Level workers.
We are currently guaranteeing job placement for men and women in the following entry-level oilfield positions:
Hi, my name is Ian Pucket
I now work for Weatherford. I came through your program back in August, having had no experience at the time. Since then have gotten 2 promotions in that time and I'm being trained for supervisor, leaving for Texas for 10 weeks in April.I'm set to make $70-$75,000 this year. I highly recommend the job placement.
- Ian Pucket (Drilling Hand) Ontario,CA
Hi my name is Kimberly
and I'm from Little Rock, Arkansas. I just wanted to let you guys know that your team was able to answer all my questions and find me a new career in under a week. Your job placement package was absolutely worth it's weight in gold, and to anyone listening, the oilpatch needs workers, so come on over!
- Kimberly Anderson (Welders Helper) Little Rock, AR
Hi I'm Paul...
My name is Paul, I've been trying to obtain employment in the industry for several years without success. Your job placement made it possible. Within 10 days I had countless interviews with top employers. Now I'm working for the 3rd largest service company in the industry. Hands down, best investment I've ever made. Cheers
- Paul Moss, Farmington, NM

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